The Council is constituted by the Anarchon, Ministries for specific tasks as well as the representatives of each community, and any member of the nation is allowed to observe their sessions as the dors of the council must remain open at all times. .

The Anarchon is the Creator and protector of the nation and/or the person he choses to represent or/and inherit the seat, and must abide by the Constitution as everyone else. No change on the Constitution or law shall be admitted without his or her signature. (*this position was only deemed nescessary after attempts of sabotage of the project from within, where records vanished, our website was removed and opportunities to establish physical space were rendered unfeasible by five former members) Once we establish physical space there should be at least three positionsmade available and all said positions must be apointed by merit:

The First Secretary must be appointed by merit and has the power of veto over the actions of the Prime Minister as for instance on financiual matters such as overspending, The Secretary of Treasure or his or her representative is also responsible for the recording of the law and reunions of the Council.

The Secretary of Treasure answers direcly under the Prime Minister and the Anarchon and is prevented from creating a central Bank as banks must be fruit of personal merit not of central planning as we all saw where this ends (booms and busts), and should not hold monopoly over production, merely serving to protect and ensure the safety of our national reserves and all that pertains international markets and their regulations and pertinent international treaties as well as the issuing of our currency, that is regulated by the free market, not by the Council.

The Ministry of Peace, unlike the Orwellian nightmare, has the responsibility to act as a diplomatic corps internal and abroad, and ensure that people’s needs as health, education, research and welfare are satisfactory by peaceful means only.

The Ministry of War is responsible for ensuring the safety of our nationals within our borders as well as abroad, and to keep and maintain highly especialised weaponry (as for instance, nuclear missiles or similar technology) as well as a professional regular force in order to maintain our sovereignity and independence. This position is only needed because we do not live in a peaceful world currently, unfortunately.

The functional model of the regular forces must ensure that: their regulars can provide postal service, fire prevention and peacekeeping. Such individuals can either be elected by their local community or join voluntarely.

The Hierarchy model of the regular forces is composes on the following ranks: private, Corporal (responsible for a fireteam) a Sergeant (responsible for a squad) a Lieutenant (responsible for a platoon) a Captain responsible over a Company, A Major responsible for a battalion and a Colonel is responsible for a regiment, and so on.

The model of choice of superiors must be based on the Makhnoist Insurrectional Army, as each platton elect their direct superior and such blocks of the same rank elect their superior, all way to the top. This has shown to create a much greater will to fight and comprehension of the chain of command as it is based in mutual trust and respect rather than by priviledge or birth. as the inssurrectional army was only dismantled by allied treason than by incompetence as other armies of the time.

Anyone at any time may form a militia to defend our nation althought we are not responsible for them, since oit is a creation of their own volition. We might offer training courses but again how they handled themselves are not really our responsibility especially due to the nature of our nation.

Private Companies are allowed to compete without Council interfearance and corporations do not have equal rights as an individual, their CEO’s are liable and must respond direcly for bad practices as anyone else amongst their ranks.

No ministry or Secretary shall receive retirement pensions unless the individual (not the position they temporarily occupy) is deemed worthy by popular demand, the pension must also not exceed that of the average worker.

Every year a budget must be drawn by the Council to all positions to ensure their proper management and efficiency. All positions on the Council may have their own staff and manage them accordingly to their own needs, and must not exceed their respective budgets.