YAN, or rather Y.A.N. that stands for Your Autonomous Nation, originally known as Yanian Empire, then Nation of YAN (Nation of whY A Nation?) started as a role playing game, developing into a philosophical project and due to the level of interest, into a national project.

In fact was it not for the immense love and support I would have not continued as I had plenty of opposition.

Success of our project revolves around living in a society where truth is the way and freedom of speech the means to it, where people will not be persecuted for stating their minds freely, as I would rather know the truth than be forced to lie. 

The Council
Every community of the nation elects its own representatives who then form the Council as advisors. The Council presently consists of the Council Leader and two Council Secretaries to administrate the nation. 

Peace and Harmony
In order to guarantee the success of the nation there is a Life Guard consisting of voluntaries, that will be responsible for delivering the post, maintaining order, and providing aid to the nationals in times of need.

Communities may if they so wish create and maintain their own provided these services be fully functional since single individuals might depend on them in case of need. Such services should preferably be done by private individuals in exchange for benefits or some other form of compensation however each community is responsible for that on the way they see fit.

Culture and the future
A culture based in common sense, facts and mutual trust. This is possible and rather lacking on current world if you think for long enough.
Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech as this is the main reason I decided to create this project. Nobody shoud prevent any individual from having a well sustained argumentation, no one, because how can a society evolve and improve itself if what is defective is not allowed to be pointed out? Here you are free to speak.

Anything else?
Use the menu to choose a topic, and your choice will be displayed on this side of your screen. 

This no cult as we do not wish to interfere in any possible way with you personal spiritual or religious beliefs. 

This is also not a political party as we do not wish to interfere in any possible way in any state afair of any naion as we do not even recognise nations, to even start with. 

This is complete liberation and a chance for social interaction amongst other people who equaly love liberty to speak their minds and who seek others who gladly do so as well.